Friday, May 8, 2015

Rosette Belts in the 1860s

Jean-Francois Portaels
"The Yellow Butterfly"
In the mid-1860s, rosette belts became fashionable. During the '50s, the waistlines tended to be dropped and pointed in the center. Thus, belts didn't work very well with those styles. But by the mid-60s, waistlines had risen and straightened out and belts were once again in style!

It's fun to see the various types of rosette belts that were created. Some were of a solid contrasting color to the dress. Some were of the dress fabric itself. And some were quite fancy - being adorned with stripes, edging, buttons or even stars!

It's been fun to make rosette belts for myself and my family. I'm always amazed at how a simple dress can become really sharp looking with just the addition of a nice rosette belt! I've even had fun using my rosette belts for my modern outfits too.

This are a few of my favorite 1860s outfits that include the original belt.

A rosette belt made with self-fabric
and edged with velvet
The Barrington House Collection

Another self-fabric belt with edging
FIDM Museum  S94.661.5A-D
Follow the link to see close-ups - This
belt is made from two fabrics and lace!
ca. 1865 Day Dress
Oh fun - even the wrappers can have rosette belts!
ca. 1869
The Charleston Museum

Ball dresses could have rosette belts too!

Of course, it's always fun to see the rosette belts in "real life" as well. Here are some lovely photographs showing rosette belts.

Two girls with self-fabric rosette belts
Seen on eBay
Rosette Belt with Stars
Seen on eBay

And this one is from my collection!

So what does one look like in real life? Well, here are some pictures of my mom and I wearing them.

And just for fun, here's one I wore recently on a modern dress!! See? Victorian fashions are still in style!

So if you've decided you need one for yourself, 
check out the ones in my shop!

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